Team Leaders at MCA


MCA experts lead teams of professionals with deep, proven experience in direct response and affinity marketing. Also, because we work across a broad landscape of organizations, we bring proven, tested perspectives to your challenge. Think of it as cross-pollination.

Please contact MCA to start a conversation with any one of us:

Gayle Teskey

Gayle Teskey

Founder & CEO

Chief strategist. Chief motivator. Publisher of MCA’s insights. Speaker. Passionate about what we do, how we do it, and the market we serve.

When you work with MCA, you’ll see Gayle’s signature combination of enthusiasm, creativity and marketing discipline reflected in everything we do. She is (rightfully) proud of MCA’s talented team of professionals and the results they have achieved, and humbled and gratified by the trust we’ve earned from our clients.

Gayle has been on the client side of the table, the third-party marketer side and, since its founding over 25 years ago, on the consultative side with MCA. Like a gemstone, there are many facets to Gayle’s experience and perspectives.

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Barry Elk

Barry Elk


Barry is a seasoned direct response marketer who has walked in your shoes.  Having held marketing-driven leadership roles in for-profits as well as non-profits, he understands the challenges of consistently delivering year-over-year gains–even in times of budget austerity.

As a data-driven marketer, he can help you deliver bottom-line-improving results through new product marketing efficiency improvements or technology implementations that are grounded in facts–not opinions.  As a career military veteran, Barry brings disciplined and outcome-oriented project management to our client engagements.  He understands how data and technology are tools to be used in improving your customer retention, satisfaction and lifetime value.

Do you have a marketing technology or data analytics question?  Ask Barry–he can help!

Connie Boeshans

Connie Boeshans

Director, Production Services

Details, details, details.  Thanks to Connie and her highly disciplined processes, MCA’s production vendors are able to shine and deliver the best value and the best product for our clients. Deadlines are consistently met.

MCA’s commitment to “community” extends to our network of production resources that Connie develops.  Her experience in the industry is deep and wide, and our clients benefit from her extensive expertise.

Connie works closely with MCA’s marketing staff to make sure campaigns are executed as designed.  Her flexibility, sense of humor and unflappable nature make her a great asset to the MCA team.

Potential production service vendors can contact Connie here. We’re always happy to hear new ideas.

Bev Moline

Bev Moline

Director of Marketing

Bev brings experience in both digital and direct mail marketing to the table. She also usually brings a spiral notebook and a couple #2 pencils, because she is a copious note taker. Some would even call her obsessive in the note taking category. But when it comes to developing and managing strategic marketing objectives that utilize email, web, paid media and direct mail to acquire, retain and upsell members, it’s all about remembering and implementing the little details! Bev is a believer that the trick to a solid marketing strategy is grabbing a prospect’s interest – once you have that, you’re golden and the rest is gravy. Combine solid marketing copy and compelling creative design, and the customer conversion, renewal and product sales will just happen. Then you continue to test, analyze and refine your strategy for even better performance and ROI.

Feel free to reach out to Bev anytime here to talk more about your marketing needs. Oh, and she’s also an animal enthusiast and would love to hear about (and share pictures) of your dog, cat, bird or other furry or feathered companions.