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How an Audience Strategy Change Helped a Social Network Increase Membership and Dramatically Lower Costs

Double-digit growth was just a click away.
More responses, less cost, more fun. It wasn’t magic, but it meant abandoning a silo approach to paid media and giving the right resources the reins.

An online social media platform of passionate enthusiasts within a very large consumer segment was working with a technically proficient paid media manager to get more enthusiasts to join the group. But they just weren’t getting their fair share, they didn’t think.

In hindsight, the problems were obvious: the paid media manager didn’t “get” the client’s target audience, the arrangement didn’t include the opportunity to create new ads, and the clicks were just going to the client’s home page.

This was a real trifecta of limitations for the program that meant they were paying too much, and getting too little in return.

We’d been waiting for the invitation to work with this client for years. The call finally came, and we eagerly dove in head first.

The previous paid media manager didn’t know what MCA has learned after 25+ years in the enthusiast business: you need to understand WHY people gather with others who love what they love before you can persuade them to click through and join. You have to listen – then translate into persuasion – what the client knows about their audience. And you have to know where to find the prospects beyond the obvious interest or keyword clues.

Time to get busy and show some progress!

First, we fiddled with the dials on bid management. Our team is far more than just technically proficient – we’re experts, particularly in the field of active, enthusiastic consumers who like to gather with like-minded individuals.

This had an immediate effect on cost efficiency. But we were nowhere near done.

I don’t know where to begin. MCA has made our life infinitely easier, and our company more valuable as a result of their work and knowledge. They 'get us.' Our team loves working with them, as they are fun, smart and creative beyond measure. I am grateful that we have them in our life, and our business has reaped the rewards from this relationship. I have no problem telling anyone who is on the fence about hiring MCA to go get yourself some as well. You’ll be glad you did!”
Curtis C —
Social Network Platform – Founder

It was time for the real fun to begin.

We created new ads and landing pages that spoke in the right “voice,” used imagery that we knew would resonate with the target audience, and channeled the client’s “special sauce” to make the prospect feel welcome.

In short, we listened, translated what we heard into effective content, and positioned the targeting with more precision.

But would it work? Well, in 7 months the group saw a 35% growth in membership while their cost of acquisition via paid media dropped by 75%!