Is your marketing strategy missing one of the most powerful and proven channels? You need your message to be seen and read by prospects in multiple channels for greatest success.

In today’s digitally focused world, it’s easy to put all your time, budget, and attention toward paid search and email. Why not? Both channels are relatively inexpensive if managed effectively, and results are obtained quickly so you can be nimble with your budget adjustments. 

But if that’s all your strategy includes, you are missing another key opportunity to get more members. Direct mail continues to successfully deliver strong results for marketers, especially when integrated with other channels.

This comprehensive white paper leads you through 10 must-have marketing strategy elements to ensure a smart and effective multi-channel strategy playbook.  

You will:

  • Learn how to define your goals and objectives
  • Discover how to allocate your budget and target your audience in multiple channels, including effectively using direct mail. 
  • Gain a better understanding of how to test and read your results, as well as the importance of effectively telling your story.
  • Get access to resources and tools like MCA’s Member Value Calculator, Multi-Year Discount Calculator, and our Guide for Crafting an Effective Survey.

White Paper

Having a playbook for your organization’s marketing strategy is a good idea. Similar to the sports world, it can include plans for offense (getting and keeping members) and defense (guarding against unforeseen factors that impede your goals). 

It can also include intricate plays like a multi-channel approach that involves digital paid search, email, organic traffic, and direct mail. That last one might surprise you, but even in today’s digitally focused world, direct mail can be effective when integrated with your other channels to get more members.  

To help you develop a smart and effective strategy playbook for your marketing efforts, we’ve created this compilation of 10 crucial marketing strategy elements, an